Always us, never them (AUNT.)

Stands for an unbreakable and unshiftable bond.
It's the feeling you’re supposed to feel when you look at your loved ones.
Unconditional love, that feels safe to feel.
A love and bond so strong you can feel it no matter where you are in the world.
A light that shines through your darkest days.
A bond with no agenda.
Where we from we don’t judge each other for our bad choices, it's a part of the life we all live.
And in a couple of years people will understand
that it was never about me to begin with.
It was always about us, and for us.
And that's what I’m trying to translate into my garments.
In this life full of trials and tribulations
Try to find your “us” or what “us” means to you.
And don’t get distracted by “them”

Always us, never them.